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“Their nurses and CNAs have been nothing but excellent…I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for home health care.”

– Andy

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Ever Wondered What Utah Home Health Services Are and What They Cover?

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Home health care company | Active Home Health

Utah Home Health Care Company

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Our goal at Active Home Health as a home health agency is to improve or maintain your current condition or level of function. We help you regain and maintain your independence, keeping you at optimal well-being. We accomplish this through observation and assessment, teaching and training, and even the administration of medications.

Observation and Assessment

Home Health is more than just therapy. When there is a reasonable potential for change or modification in a patient’s condition or treatment, we monitor these changes and prevent further complications.

Teaching and Training

We teach a patient, the patient’s family, or caregivers how to manage the treatment program appropriately for the patient’s functional loss, illness, or injury.

Administration of Medications

We safely and effectively administer medications when they require the skills of a licensed nurse and are reasonable and necessary for treating an illness or injury.

Our Home Health Care Services Include:

Physical Therapy


Occupational Therapy


Home Health Achieves Better Outcomes and Goals

At Active Home Health, we believe that better in-home care comes from better communication and continuity. That’s why our in-house therapy team provides tailored and unique rehab plans with customized goals at ideal times to achieve the best possible outcomes.

In House Therapy
Utah Home Health Care Company | Active Home Health

How Can Active Home Health Help Me?

At Active Home Health, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Active Home Health’s care plans are designed with your busy lifestyle, comfort, and care in mind. We are committed to doing all we can to achieve the highest level of independence possible in your home. Our loving care team can treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Unsure of how we can help you? Click on the icons to learn more about how home health services apply to your needs, or call us if your condition isn’t listed.

Who Pays for Home Health?

Unlike most other decisions in life, you don’t have to worry about cost.

Most insurances cover Home Health services service in Utah 100%. We accept traditional Medicare and Medicaid plans and TriWest, Tricare, and Worker’s Comp Fund. If you are unsure if you qualify, call us today, and we can check for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Health

Who pays for home health?

Most insurances cover home health services in Utah 100%. Some of the insurances that we accept are Medicare, Triwest, Tricare, and Worker’s Comp Fund. If you aren’t sure if your insurance covers home health services, call us!

What is the difference between home health and personal or in-home care services?

While both are delivered from the comfort of your home, these services are very different. Home health is skilled clinical care ordered by a health care provider. These services are focused on curative measures designed to restore you to your active lifestyle. Nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and more offer them. Personal or in-home care services involve non-clinical services, such as help around the house, transportation, bathing, and light meal preparation. They do not require any physician order and can be offered indefinitely.

How do I qualify for home health care?

To qualify for home health care, there must be a need for some skilled service. This could be a nursing or therapy-based need. These needs are considered necessary to help improve or maintain a patient’s current condition or prevent or slow a patient’s condition from declining. These needs can be on an intermittent basis or might require continuous help.

What if my doctor has referred me to another agency?

The agency you use for your home health needs is 100% your choice. There is no obligation to use the agency your doctor referred you to.

Do you provide home health services for people who live in assisted living facilities?

Yes. While each resident is monitored by facility staff, an assisted living facility does not provide rehabilitative or treatment-based services for its residents. We work together with the team, your provider, and your family to give the same kind of service there as you would receive at your home.

What services are included with home health?

Active Home Health’s services are intended to restore you to your busy lifestyle. These services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care, pain management, and palliative care.

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Ready to Get Back to Your Active Lifestyle?

Whether you need help monitoring and treating an illness or injury before it leads to something more severe or help to improve your current level of function and independence, Active Home Health has you covered. Contact us today to see how our tailored care plans can help you!