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COVID-19 Recovery at Home with Active Home Health

Home health for COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms are still recommended by the CDC.  Active Home Health is willing and ready to help our community heal and recover from COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world on its head. There is not an aspect of life that has not been affected by this novel coronavirus. Businesses were closed. Supply chains disrupted. Non-essential medical procedures were put on hold.

As of writing this article, there have been over 79 million confirmed cases and just under 1 million total deaths in the US alone. Vaccinations and new treatments have started to restore a sense of normalcy back to our lives. 

The purpose of this post is not to revisit what COVID-19 is or the signs and symptoms. Check out the CDC for more information on those. Our goal here at Active Home Health is to help educate you about how home health can help you recover from COVID-19 from the comfort of your home.

COVID-19 Recovery with Active Home Health

To understand how Active Home Health can help you or a loved one recovery from COVID-19, you need to break the treatment into two parts: active infection and post-infection recovery.

During an active infection with COVID-19, the virus causes respiratory symptoms, like shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chest pain, fever, and cough. Symptoms can rapidly worsen. With Active Home Health, our nursing team will be there to provide consistent relief from symptoms. They will monitor your vital signs, making sure any changes are reported to your physician and quickly addressed. We can even facilitate telehealth consultations between you and your provider.

Our team will also help provide the support you need during quarantine. We will develop a plan of care to meet your needs during your time of social isolation. Our CNAs can help you with your day-to-day tasks and activities, allowing you to stay quarantined. 

Recovery doesn’t end with quarantine. COVID-19, like other respiratory infections, can have lingering effects. People have reported symptoms like trouble breathing, fatigue, cough, and chest pain weeks to months after they were first infected. Active Home Health can help minimize these effects. Our team can provide compensation techniques to help you conserve energy during your daily tasks while recovering. We can develop different exercise programs to increase strength, balance, and coordination.

Some of the benefits of using Active Home Health’s help with COVID-19 recovery include:

  • Reducing hospitalizations
  • Assisting with telehealth visits
  • Improving symptom relief
  • Decreasing the spread of the virus
  • Providing support during quarantine
  • Improving strength through personalized exercise program
  • Helping with and improving your ability to resume tasks

Why Choose Active Home Health?

Unfortunately, this virus is not going to go away. As we have seen, it continues to mutate, causing new waves of infection. Active Home Health is willing and ready to help our community heal and recover from COVID-19. Home health services have been recommended for COVID or COVID-like symptoms and Active promises to be on the frontline, helping you and your loved ones make a full recovery from the comfort of your home. Call and see how we can restore your active lifestyle today!


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