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What Are The Costs Associated with Home Health Services?

By October 6, 2023No Comments
Cost of Home Health Care

As our loved ones age, receiving care in the comfort of their home becomes a priority. While there are plenty of care options for older adults, home health care is often the most popular treatment method.

Read on to learn more about the cost of home health care and how you can begin receiving services.

What are the costs of home health care | Active Home HealthHow does home health care work with insurance and Medicare?

Generally speaking, home health care services are a more affordable option than residential living or other senior care. And the service is becoming more popular. In fact, AARP estimates that the population over 65 years old is expected to grow from 56 million in 2020 to 73 million in 2030.

With so many seniors needing home health care, how do they pay for it? To pay for home health services, we’ve included some of the most popular options:

  • Medicare in-home care benefits

    One of the most common ways patients pay for home healthcare services is with the help of Medicare. This federal health insurance program is provided for people over 65 or with people with specific disabilities. In many cases, Medicare will pay for the services if they are considered medically necessary on a short-term basis. However, Medicare generally does not cover bathing assistance, meal preparation, and housekeeping services.

  • Private insurance

    Patients can also pay for home health services with private insurance. This insurance, often called long-term care insurance, usually covers in-home health care. Because each plan is different, the benefits that it covers can vary. Because of this, it is often common for patients to pay for services with a combination of private health insurance and Medicare.

  • Paying out-of-pocket

    Another option for paying for home health services is paying out of pocket. Out-of-pocket payments are generally made if no other payment options are available, such as private insurance or Medicare. Patients can pay for home health care services by using a few different payment resources such as annuities, borrowing, investments, or savings.

Home Health Care Questions | Active Home HealthWhat is the process of receiving home health care services?

Before receiving home health care services, you must first obtain a referral from a physician. To receive the referral, the physician will meet with you to determine if you are eligible for services. To qualify for assistance, the physician will consider:

  • If you need skilled nursing assistance
  • If you need physical, speech, or occupational therapy
  • If you have a worsening condition or a recent diagnosis
  • If you struggle to leave your home and need the assistance of a wheelchair, walker, or another person to do so

After obtaining a referral from your physician, you can begin the process of receiving home health care services.

Finding an agency and verifying payment options

You’ll find many home healthcare agencies to choose from once you begin the process. You can contact them to verify and set up payment options when determining which agency you’d like to hire. Home health care agencies are professionals who can help you complete this process relatively quickly and determine the best methods for you to pay. They will contact any insurance companies or Medicare to determine what is covered and help you fill out the rest. At Active Home Health, Hospice & Personal Care, we understand that helping you afford home healthcare services is critical and not always straightforward, and we are here to help you figure it out.

Scheduling an assessment and developing a care plan

When insurance coverage and payment have been arranged, the home healthcare agency will contact you to schedule an in-home assessment. This is one of the first initial steps toward receiving services and is essential because it will help you determine what specific services are needed. Once the assessment is complete, your healthcare team will create a specific plan for your needs, including how often you’ll need treatment. The care plan will also detail the list of caregivers and delineate their responsibilities, including information about upcoming appointments and even medication dosage times.

Contact Active Home Health for Home Health Care OptionsCount on Active Home Health, Hospice & Personal Care for Reliable Home Health Services

Finding skilled, compassionate care becomes essential as we go through different life stages. At Active Home Health, Hospice & Personal Care, we remain dedicated to giving your loved ones the highest level of service. We understand that obtaining home health services can come with many questions, and we’re here to help. Contact us today with any questions or to set up an assessment for services.

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