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Eight Signs That It Might be Time for Hospice

Knowing when the end of life is nearing can be difficult. We offer eight signs to help you determine if it is the right time for hospice for yourself or a loved one.

Aging is a natural and irreversible fact of life. No one has found the infamous fountain of youth or a magic cure to aging. There are countless number of changes that occur as we get older. Some of these changes that occur include:

  • Decreased cardiac output
  • Stiffening of the arteries and blood vessels
  • Decreased bone mass
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • Increased skin frailty
  • Decreased pulmonary capacity
  • Decreased immune response

These changes manifest in a variety of ways. You might notice an increase in your blood pressure. Movements become stiffer and slower, resulting in decreased balance and stability. You probably have experienced constipation and/or incontinence. The older you get, you’re more at risk of not only catching, but dying from pneumonia and influenza. You are more at risk of bruises and internal bleeding.

As they say, growing old is not for wimps!

When The End Is Approaching

Ultimately, despite all the countless advancements in health that have been made, dying is the end stage of aging for everyone. Even the healthiest adult will eventually face this reality. At Active Hospice, we offer eight signs that the end might be approaching, necessitating the need for hospice. How to know if it is the right time for hospice

  • Are you having frequent hospitalizations or trips to the ER?
  • Are you experiencing frequent or reoccurring infections?
  • Do you have a reduced desire to eat, leading to significant weight loss and body composition changes?
  • Have you seen a rapid decline in health over the past 6 months, even with aggressive medical treatments?
  • Do you have any uncontrolled pain, shortness of breath, nausea, or vomiting?
  • Have you noticed a decrease in alertness, or an increase in withdrawal and sleeping or mental confusion?
  • Are you unable to perform tasks of daily living, such as eating, walking, using the bathroom, personal cleaning or getting dressed?
  • Have you recently decided to focus on quality of life, instead of aggressive treatments?

Why Choose Active Hospice?

If you or a loved one have noticed any of these eight signs, Active Hospice is here to help you. Remember, hospice is not a sign of giving up. It is intended to help a person during the last 6 months of their life to live with the comfort, quality, and control that we all desire. Hospice helps you realign your medical expectations with what is most important to you. At Active Hospice, we know there is value in hospice care. Call us today to experience that value for yourself!


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