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How Personal Care Can Help Heal Wounds

By March 29, 2022August 17th, 2023No Comments
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Healing Your Wounds with Active Personal Care

Dealing with a chronic wound is not an easy task. Using personal care for wound care provides additional support in the healing process.

Managing a wound can be overwhelming. The healing process dominates every aspect of daily life, from daily physical tasks to a person’s psychological well-being. Poor wound healing compounds these effects, increasing the risk of infections, complications, and patient discomfort. 

Chronic wounds make normal daily tasks more difficult. Wounds can cause pain, reduced mobility, muscle wasting and skin problems. They can disrupt sleep. Most patient report needing assistance with bathing, dressing, and ambulation while healing from a wound.

Chronic wounds have an impact on a patient’s psyche and social life as well. Foul odors can make patients become self-conscious about their wounds, causing them to withdraw from normal activities. Depression and anxiety occur in about 30% of patients with chronic wounds. It is common to report feelings of boredom, isolation, loneliness and feeling like a burden while managing a wound.

Having adequate support is crucial to limiting the overall effect of chronic wounds. A good support system provides physical, emotional, and social support. A good support system will allow you to adapt to your new circumstances of living with your wound. Active Personal Care can be part of that support group.

How Active Personal Care Can Help Your Wounds Heal

Active Personal Care aides are available morning, mid-day, and evening. We can take on a primary caregiving role or augment your current support group. Our aides provide long-term, short-term, or more temporary care. We can help as you adjust to the rigors of your new care plan or give you and your support team a well-deserved break.

Some of the ways that Active Personal Care can support you in your wound care efforts include:

  • Keep wounds dry during bathing
  • Maintaining dressings during the day
  • Reducing pressure through proper positioning
  • Meal preparation
  • Providing transportation
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Errands and grocery shopping
  • Companionship
  • Safety Supervision
  • Respite Care

Active Personal Care’s Tips for Caregivers

If you or a loved one are dealing with a chronic wound, here are some tips to help your wound heal faster.

  • Keep the dressing dry. Keeping the dressing dry decreases your risk of infection and improves healing. Use a waterproof cover while showering or bathing.
  • Keep it clean. Watch for increased pain, warmth, redness, and drainage. These can be signs of an infection and need to be responded to quickly
  • Change the dressing. Wound dressings are a wonderful thing. They protect your wound and keep germs out, but only if they need are changed regularly. If the dressing is over 50% saturated with blood or drainage, change it!
  • Protect the wound. Depending on the location of the wound, you may have to adapt your normal way of doing things. Damaging a wound can stunt or prolong the healing process.

Why Choose Active Personal Care?

Managing a wound can be overwhelming and burdensome. It is important to have an adequate support group to help you with any physical, emotional, or social disruptions. Active Personal Care can provide the additional support you and your group need. Call us to schedule your free, in-home consultation to see how we can help heal your wounds today.

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