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Losing a Loved One: How Active Hospice Helps You After Their Passing

By April 6, 2022February 16th, 2024No Comments
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One of the most beautiful things about hospice is the bereavement services it provides to family members after the passing of their loved one.

There is nothing comparable to the loss of a loved one. You may experience feelings of denial and disbelief at the passing of your loved one. You might feel shock, sadness, loneliness, or even guilt. These feelings may be more or less intense than what you were expecting.

It is unrealistic to avoid these feelings and assume that everything will be back to normal, especially for those involved in the individual’s care at the end of life. Studies have shown that on average, caregivers need at least 9 to 10 months to process their grief before they feel like their quality of life has returned to normal.

You should expect this period of bereavement. It is a hard, but normal and healthy process that allows you to adjust to this new stage in life. Each bereavement period looks and feels different for each person. 

The initial year may be especially hard as you experience many first times doing something without your loved one. Grief may accompany holidays and birthdays. You might experience it as you go to the grocery store or see one of their favorite things. Grief can be unpredictable. 

Regardless of when, where, or how you grieve, there is one thing that will stay constant. Just like your loved one was not alone in their final days, you are not alone in the bereavement process. Active Hospice will continue to help you through the grief and pain associated with the loss of a loved one.

How Active Hospice Helps with Grief and Mourning

First and foremost, Active Hospice helps prepare you and your loved one prior to that inevitable moment of death. Even a few days on hospice allows our team to get a better sense of your spiritual and emotional needs surrounding the passing of your loved one. It also allows you a safe place to discuss any existential concerns. Active’s end of life care plans help you attain a sense of closure and understanding prior to their passing just as much as it helps your loved one.

As part of the admission process, our chaplains perform a bereavement assessment with the caregivers. This conversation helps us understand your potential needs and concerns surrounding the eventual passing of your loved one. We also provide one on one counseling to any family members needing help accepting and dealing with death.

After your loved one passes, Active Hospice doesn’t stop caring for you and your family members. Bereavement services are provided as part of our hospice services for up to 13 months after the patient’s death. Some of the ways that Active Hospice promises to be there for you and your loved ones during the bereavement process include:

  • Follow up phone calls from our chaplain or social worker. This occurs at a minimum 2 weeks and 3 months after your loved one’s death. They can occur more often based on your family and individual bereavement needs
  • In person bereavement visits with our bereavement counselor, chaplain or social worker as needed
  • Individual or family counseling 
  • A copy of the book My Friend, I Care, signed with by each member of the care team involved in your loved one’s care
  • A 6-month bereavement card will be sent along with a grief flyer
  • A Christmas card from your Active family
  • A 1-year bereavement card along with a bereavement/grief flyer
  • Memorial services
  • Bereavement camps
  • Referral to local community services

Just like your loved one’s care was based around his or her needs, your bereavement care plan is 100% customized to fit your needs. You can decline help at any time during the 13 months after your loved one passes. 

Why Choose Active HospiceActive Hospice's Bereavement Team

Active Hospice helps you create cherished memories with your loved ones in their last days. We ensure these days are spent in comfort, not worrying about the next procedure or test. As you prepare for their final journey, we aim to decrease stress and provide time for more enjoyable moments, allowing all involved to have deeper understanding and better peace of mind.

You are just as big a part of your loved one’s hospice team as he or she is. Our care plans are just as much for you as they are for them. Active Hospice helps you prepare for the eventual passing of a loved one. After they pass, we promise to continue to help you work through the feelings of grief and mourning, however you deem necessary. We will be with you every step of the way. 

Give us a call today to learn more about the bereavement services we offer as part of our hospice care plans.

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